This is our Canary. If the Canary disappears or if the Last Modified date gets too old, then we have been censored in an extremely impactful way and there may be cause for concern.

You may request that we update this page if you’re concerned that it’s too out of date.

JUNE 11 UPDATES – Massive censorship. All major social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Facebook are frozen and censored. Admin was forced out of his corporate job at Laureate Education by VP Digital Learning and Analytics Tim Dickson for related reasons.

JUNE 1 UPDATES – 1. Shadowbanned by Instagram 2. The HR Director from our admin’s company heard that the admin was not submitting to the Melting Pot, began stalking, discovered this site and immediately distributed to others, all of whom immediately began to control the site’s content. The admin informed the company and co-worker of our position of “Give me liberty or give me death”, but to reduce risk and transfer legal liability for the leaking feature, administration and ownership will be transferred to an anonymous operator outside the jurisdiction of the United States and free of corporate pressure/crime by July 1. The site’s contents will not be affected and viewers have our promise that we will NEVER voluntarily self-censor without the Canary disappearing, even under threat of violence and corrupted law enforcement.

MAY 26 UPDATES – 1. We appear to have been shadowbanned from Facebook. We purchased a dedicated AT&T phone for account verification and uploaded personally identifiable photos. At the time of writing, our account is still disabled or banned. We are investigating this situation. 2. One contributor was forced to shut down their personal LinkedIn account when the powers-that-be caught wind of involvement. They chose to let their career suffer in the name of multiculturalism, transparency, net neutrality and freedom.

Last Modified: June 1, 2019