MixingPot.ai just launched and some of us were still naive enough to believe that censorship would not begin this quickly. It did, but so far fortunately just in the form of shadowbans and in advertising. Those of us with experience in this type of commonplace – if very impactful and important – censorship are also familiar with the much more dramatic and patently illegal censorship that can occur, thus we were not completely shocked or surprised.

Socio-political Censorship


JUNE 2 UPDATE – More bans and shadowbans, but those are the least of it. Facebook labeled a logo with nothing but the site’s name as “Spam” and “Fraud” and banning on Instagram followed before we even attempted to create the account.

OTOH our admin + pals are re-evaluating some recent perceived business-based censorship / impropriety by the chief of HR; this may possibly leading to an upcoming essay (about the possibilities a last few decent HR leaders in broad philosophical terms).

MAY 26 UPDATE – We appear to have been banned from Facebook. We purchased a dedicated AT&T phone for account verification and uploaded personally identifiable photos. At the time of writing, our account is still disabled or banned. We are investigating this situation.