We’re experimenting with a custom wireless encrypted mesh network, named for the fictional character “Neals” in the story-like album Introducing Neals… by former juvenile computer hacker-turned-recording artist YTCracker. The code on GitHub is currently only ready for developers to help contribute, not for the public to download and use (for now, users should use LibreMesh, our parent project).

The idea here would be to provide victims and other friendlies in occupied areas safe, anonymized access to information sharing networks to facilitate communication for survival, evasion, resistance, and escape from hostile forces, as well as to facilitate the collection and distribution of evidence against the business war network. Central ideas of the fork are:

  • Cross-platform auto-installation and initialization from 1 or a small number of installers
  • Limit protocols and file exchange types to facilitate intended use and simultaneously mitigate abuse potential
  • Focus on devices instead of routers, since users may not always control their routers and we need to focus
  • Combine LibreMesh with a library of resources on the business war, culture, subversion and indoctrination
  • Connect to evidence reporting and publication services (in home, or global / big name)
  • Combine autonomous mesh networking with traditional paradigms as a hybrid option to maximize reach

Many of today’s philosophical, political, quasi-political, and socio-economic issues are interconnected, analogous, or both. While the issues at the core of this site different from those of Net Neutrality and online privacy, these issues are both interconnected and analogous. This libre tech movement, if you will, shares 2 major connections with the business-based war, monoculture, and indoctrinations that are our focus:

  1. The first of these 2 interconnections is the shared struggle for freedom of speech and oppression at the hands of both legal and illegal censorship, enabled by collusion and lack of transparency.
  2. Additionally, the same population segments – such as highly skilled IT, CS, and web technology experts – are among the most widely targeted and controlled by the unnamed network we that is the mono-cultural, authoritarian “melting pot”.

Please enjoy selections from the highly relevant album Introducing Neils, kindly made available by the artist. Also available at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

Imprisoned by the Syndicate

Buy, or do a better job of stealing, this album for more songs. 🙂 Also check out YouTube for some nice community-created videos.

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