Rules: There Can Only be “One Culture”

admin January 13, 2014

One of the melting pot themed rules of the secret group is that there should only be “one culture”. This actually has more than one meaning, but primarily what is meant is that the group/business should only make cultural references to one film, book, TV series, or other piece of culture.

This is meant to facilitate communication with those from abroad, as well as to cut down on distractions from work and discourage American employees from our over-consumption of “culture”. Their argument is that culture is primarily for the young and non-workers, that we’ll get more done without it, and that too much TV/media in America has made us dumb. They claim that their lower consumption of culture helped them to excel in academia.

There seems to be some wisdom in this, particularly to facilitate communication with people from abroad who may not speak English well. Still, the attitude with which they force this doctrine upon you is overbearing and their overzealous application of it dulls down communication, free thinking, and innovation. I say this as someone who has not owned a television for almost 10 years.

Not to mention that it cost millions of affected America’s citizens their freedom and the security of the United States. Posted in Rules
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