Editor’s Note: The anonymous contributor (original author) – after practicing and preparing for years – recently overwhelmingly defeated and reversed mind control attempts by leaders of a major for-profit education business, particularly an Executive Director of Data Science, and used superior ability at the staring game whilst pointing out the illogical nature of the game. It was also used to prove to the Exec. that, by the rules of his monoculture, it could be proven that his name was not what he thought it was. The details are more than enough for another article.

WHISTLE BLOWERS: Indoctrination by ‘Secret Groups’ in Workplaces is Widespread

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Technique: The Stare

admin January 14, 2014

The Stare is a psychological cue that the indoctrinated agree to use to signify who is the most knowledgeable/powerful/confident on any given issue.


The Stare is simply a stare straight into the other person’s eyes with your head tilted slightly forward. The less knowledgeable/confident person is supposed to look down and away. It is an imperfect system and certainly capable of being cheated. However, the indoctrinated use The Stare frequently to facilitate business discussions, so the fact that it is used non-manipulatively so often is alleged to make it harder to abuse without detection.

This makes sense as a tool to use. Having said that, I refused to try to use The Stare in my indoctrination meetings, because I knew that the indoctrinators were better at using it and could leverage their experience to manipulate me.

NOTE: A special thanks to my friend DS for suggesting the image. Posted in Techniques
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