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A factual account of the formal defeat of the United States of America by paramilitary and intelligence forces utilizing business, education, immigration policy and trade. This will be another attempt to chronicle what is known not only about the actual surrender, but also the ensuing aftermath and unfolding demise of individual’s rights, privacy, transparency, freedom and exploitation of cross-sector corruption and complacency in the initialization of de facto slavery. The use of force, coercion and brainwashing in the occupied United States.

We show that the use of counter-force including military, law enforcement, and other to restore the sovereignty of the United States and defend natural, self-evident rights – which are individual rights, such as the right to one’s own life and liberty – is fully warranted. The mechanisms of government, on the other hand, and fully under foreign control and engage regularly in treasonous conspiracy against the People of the United States of America. Those surrendering on behalf of the People lacked both legal and moral mandate to do so. Those remaining loyal to their nation or acting in self-defense of their own rights are ethically and even Constitutionally justified in the use of any necessary force, but should expect to be overwhelming by corrupted government and the influence of the enemy.

The domestic threat of those acting under the color of law when collaborating with foreign powers to commit treason and egregious felonies against citizens should be stopped by any means necessary.